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Parent Education

Active Parenting

Being a successful parent means more than providing food, clothing, and shelter. It requires taking an active role in a child’s growth and development, and an active approach to parenting. This curriculum supports and prepares families through every stage and step of their child’s development.


Building Babies Brains

Explore the importance of activities that stimulate a baby's brain. The curriculum illustrates how to enhance the bonding and attachment between parents and children. Parents review baby's health care basics of good growth and development. Parents participate in activities and share their own experiences as they implement each session into daily family life.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Classes and one-on-one tutoring are conducted by a certified staff member and trained instructor to address all levels of English proficiency from basic, beginning and intermediate through advanced English.


English Conversation

This class promotes conversational English skills in a casual environment. This is an opportunity for English and Spanish speakers to teach and learn from one another.


7th Avenue Community Garden

Gardeners meet thrice weekly April through October. Families learn how to plant and cultivate spices and vegetables. Basic cooking classes teach parents how to prepare, cook and store vegetables while they learn the nutritional value of healthy meal planning. We host recipe swaps using the produce nurtured and grown at the garden. This program enhances pride in our local community. 


Mini-Greenhouse Workshop

This free, fun, and easy workshop teaches families about seedlings and planting. Families prepare seedlings for planting at the 7th Ave. Community Garden in May.

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